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EMMA (European Mouse Mutant Archive)
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It is a strategic EU project devoted to the setup and management of a networked repository infrastructure for the archiving and world-wide dissemination of mouse strains that model human diseases, having its core-structure and co-ordinating centre at the CNR (Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology).

It is a strategic project of the European Roadmap for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI), aiming at specifically organizing two complementary and linked infrastructure networks (ARCHIVEFRONTIER and PHENOMEFRONTIER) for largescale and comprehensive production, primary phenotyping and archiving of mouse models, serving the European and world-wide genetics and biomedical research community for the benefit of human health.

ProgeNIA/SardiNIA (Genetic and epidemiological factors in age-related conditions and diseases in the founder population of Sardinia)
The Project involves IRGB researchers, with the Statistical Genetics Unit of NIA (NIH’s Institute on Aging) and aims to analyze a range of traits and diseases, including frailty measures and senescence of the immune system, in a Sardinian cohort of ~7,000 volunteers, in order to identify new genes/variants associated to age-related conditions and common diseases, that are highly prevalent and informative on the island. The study has focused on residents of a cluster of 4 small towns to examine around 1,000 quantitative traits, including cardiovascular and frailty-related phenotypes assessed at the IRGB UOS of Lanusei. The Project has also used the entire island for enough cases and controls to investigate the molecular and immunological consequences of genetic variants predisposing to Type 1 Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis.

EATRIS (European Advanced Translational Research InfraStructure in Medicine)
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It is a strategie EU project that aims to offer a research infrastructure for transfering both of basic research findings into clinical application and of clinical observations to basic research.


Is a large-scale pan-European research infrastructure project on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap. The mission of Euro-BioImaging is to build a distributed imaging infrastructure across Europe that will provide open access to innovative biological and medical imaging technologies for European researchers.

BBMRI (Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure)

It is a research infrastructure involving biobanks and biological resource centers spread throughout the Italian territory. The activities of BBMRI-IT are aimed at harmonizing the standard operating procedures of biobanks, at implementing the quality of the management system and at encouraging public/private partnerships.

ELIXIR (European Life-sciences Infrastructure for biological Information)

It is a research Infrastructure that provides the facilities necessary for life science researchers to make the most of the rapidly growing amount of information on living systems. ELIXIR integrates research data from all corners of Europe and ensures a seamless service easily accessible to all European investigators in life sciences.

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The NIH (National Institutes of Health - USA)'s Institute of Aging sponsors a project on human genetics aimed at identifying new disease genes and genetic variations of common diseases.