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Categoria:  events
Inizio:  domenica 13 ottobre 2024 - Fine:  mercoledì 16 ottobre 2024
Titolo:  EMBO Workshop: Unlocking human brain complexity using 3D culture and single-cell omics

Registration for the 30th IGB workshop entitled "Unlocking Human Brain Complexity using 3D Culture and Single-Cell Omics" (Oct 13-16th, 2024, Capri, Italy) is now officially OPEN on the EMBO webpage:

Abstract submission deadline: June 15th 2024

Registration deadline: July 31st 2024

The aim of this Workshop is to bring together researchers from different fields ranging from stem cell reprogramming and brain organoids to single-cell omics in order to meet the needs of increasing our comprehension of molecular mechanism(s) underlying human brain physiology and disease. Coupling cutting-edge human 3D models and single-cell omics will be critical for designing targeted disease-modifying therapies for neurological disorders. The Workshop will act as a springboard for the exploration of new ideas regarding the development, evolution, and disease of the human brain.