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Categoria:  events
Inizio:  mercoledì 11 ottobre 2023 - Fine:  sabato 14 ottobre 2023
Titolo:  26th congress of the ISFP&PA and Fibrinolysis workshop of the Hungarian Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Joint meeting of the International Society for Fibrinolysis and Proteolysis, the International Workshop on Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation and the Hungarian Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis, which will take place from October 11-14, 2023 in Budapest

Scientific categories:
Animal models and imaging techniques in fibrinolysis research
Bleeding related to fibrinolysis
Extracellular vesicles and proteolysis
Fibrinogen/fibrin and factor XIII
Fibrinolysis and immunity
Fibrinolysis and Infection/COVID-19
Fibrinolysis-related laboratory diagnostics
Inflammation-related proteolysis
Interplay of plasminogen activation and the complement system
NETs and fibrinolysis
New insights into thrombolytic therapies
Novel fibrinolytic therapeutics
Perioperative/emergency investigation of fibrinolysis, viscoelasticity assays
Plasminogen activation in neuroinflammation
Proteolysis along the fibrin-von Willebrand factor axis
Stroke-related aspects of plasminogen activators
Tranexamic acid in different clinical settings

International advisory board:
Katerina Akassoglou (United States)
Dominik Draxler (Switzerland)
Thomas Kietzmann (Germany)
Paul Kim (Canada)
Roger Lijnen (Belgium)
Ton Lisman (The Netherlands)
Colin Longstaff (United Kingdom)
Robert Medcalf (Australia)
Nicola Mutch (United Kingdom)
Maria Patrizia Stoppelli (Italy)
Urano Tetsumei (Japan)

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