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Inizio:  giovedì 31 dicembre 2020 - Fine:  giovedì 31 dicembre 2020
Titolo:  New booklet Voices from the Future - 30 Years of Breakthrough Technologies in Europe

The FETFX team published a booklet that recounts 30 Years of Breakthrough Technologies in Europe that took place under the research and innovation framework programmes, including Horizon 2020 FET programme and its evolution in EIC Pathfinder for Advanced Research.

The booklet is a celebration of the fantastic work achieved by the FET community in the last three decades, and includes  testimonials from some of the key persons who have supported the development of the FET programme in different phases of its evolution. You will find outstanding interviews, experiences in FET and other stories from the FETFX platform

More info and booklet download:

FETFX website:

European Commission website:

You can also download the booklet directly from this page: see attachment below (9 Mb)