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Inizio:  venerdì 31 maggio 2019 - Fine:  venerdì 31 maggio 2019
Titolo:  INFRAFRONTIER 2020 Project - Trans-national Access call May 2019 - Precision rat model development : call information and application form

Context and aim of the call

INFRAFRONTIER is the European Research Infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving of model mammalian genomes. The INFRAFRONTIER Research Infrastructure provides access to first-class tools and data for biomedical research, and thereby contributes to improving the understanding of gene function in human health and disease using rodent models. The core services of INFRAFRONTIER comprise the systemic phenotyping of mouse mutants in the participating mouse clinics, and the archiving and distribution of mouse mutant lines by the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) (

Main objective of this INFRAFRONTIER open call is to facilitate access for the wider biomedical research community to the unique infrastructure and scientific expertise of the participating INFRAFRONTIER partners, to deliver novel rat mutant models that will advance knowledge of human disease and will be of widespread use in biomedical science. Many cognitive and physiological characteristics that make the rat an ideal human disease model and choice for laboratory studies in neurobiology, cardiobiology, and immunology. Recent advances in genome-editing technology will be used to develop new rat models of human disease. INFRAFRONTIER will provide open access to all newly developed disease models through the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA). Access to this free-of-charge-service will be granted on the basis of the applicant's research plans and the potential impact of the proposed novel rat model on the wider biomedical research community.

This Trans-national Access call of the INFRAFRONTIER 2020 project supports a total of 3 precision rat model development projects.

More information and call application form:
Proposal submission to by 31 May 2019.
Proposal evaluation from 1 June 2019 to 30 June 2019